Hecht Fleet graphics

Hecht fleet graphics

Traffic. You can curse it. Buuut, if there’s one place you’re guaranteed to be seen, it’s on the road. That’s why fleet graphics are so effective. Besides, you don’t need a huge budget to get your vehicle wrapped. Believe us when we say that fleet graphics are an extremely accessible solution!

Boundless possibilities

The possibilities of fleet graphics are endless: printing one car, your entire fleet or even an airplane? Wrapping the vehicles in a wrap that covers everything, or stimulate sales with eye-catching striping? Permanent or removable vinyl? We value your desires and goals. Our creative fuel will never run out.

To each his own

Our ideas stick. Just like our fleet graphics. But everyone has their own expertise: we only let the best professionals apply the fleet graphics wraps. Our role? Designing the decals in such a way that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians turn their heads. And of course: printing the design on the most suitable, high-quality vinyl. 

Design that fits like a glove

Every vehicle has unique dimensions and curves. At Hecht, we know the specifications of even the most recent models. We use this to get started with our specialised fleet graphics software. 

Our simulations ensure that your vehicle really gets you ahead. Don’t worry: your colour codes and graphic guidelines are in capable hands. And your text will be given a prominent position in the design so it will never rush by meaninglessly.

Flexible process

The Hecht experts link experience and flexibility. They take the time to brainstorm with you about your project and guarantee fleet graphics that achieve what you want it to achieve: impact.

Communicating at 100 km/h?
Call us and fix your fleet graphics

How HECHT works

  1. We take note of your wishes, goal, vehicle specifications, ...

  2. You take a look at our layouts.

  3. Have you been blown away? We’ll send you our cost estimate.

  4. Once you’ve approved it,  we’ll start production.

  5. Our fitting teams flawlessly apply your fleet graphics.

  6. You can assess the efficacy for yourself, thanks to our debriefing and photo report.

Hecht makes it happen: fleet graphics
Fleet graphics that change traffic?
full deco tram
full cover
fleet bestickering
Can you picture it?

Do you want to transform your car into a tiger?