Extensive background research

Print is like real estate: location, location, location. That’s why we like to visit your location(s) before we develop our concept. After your campaign, we’ll process the results in a debriefing with photo report. This is how we create concepts with maximum impact – today and tomorrow.

From a first idea to a tangible concept

From regionalisation and personalisation to groundbreaking combinations of materials, Hecht can take you wherever you want to go. That requires proper supervision and it’s the reason why we offer more than ideas and guidelines. We also develop pilot versions to help you make a decision. Blank models and test campaigns are just a few examples.

A jack of all trades

Our creations want to shine in as many places as possible. That is why our range covers a wide array of solutions. We upgrade inside and outside with large-scale posters. We make window graphics for showcases to attract people. We cover builings and interiors. We wrap cars, trucks and airplanes in eye-catching decals. In short: our skills are suited for any job. Even at a height of 10 kilometres.

The perfect marriage

A great idea is nice, but only with the correct execution will it really shine. What material will you choose for your project? How much will up-sizing cost? We strike the perfect balance between your idea and practical execution, between price and effect.