A running start

A project starts when the idea is born. We help to shape your concept and immediately connect you with your dedicated contact person at Hecht. That way you can rest easy, knowing you can rely on smooth cooperation.

Quick reaction speed

This is where our team makes the real difference. Are you requesting a quotation for a standard poster? Our team will reply to you in a matter of hours. If you need a quote for complex cardboard displays or larger window graphics, we'll get back to you within two days.

Production in high gear

Thanks to our large machine pool, our production process is one of the fastest around. Furthermore, we do all our production in one building from start to finish In addition, Hecht is highly reliable, our facilities are always open except for public holidays.

Strong follow-up

Remember that punctuality regarding quotations? You can expect the same from us when it comes to delivering your products. Whatever happens, our team will move heaven and earth to ensure your printing products reach their destination – in record time of course.