As printing and communication professionals, we are aware of the ecological issues and the impact of our activity on the environment. This is why Hecht S.A. is committed to: 

- Integrating an ecological dimension into the general policy of the company
- Comply with current environmental regulations
- Preventing pollution due to our activities
- Minimise our environmental impact as much as possible
- Reduce our consumption of energy, raw materials or any other product.
- Reduce the production of waste, sort it in an optimal way, have it treated by approved organisations.
- Improve our processes and controls to avoid errors leading to waste or over-consumption of material.
- Optimising our performance, our production flow
- Raising awareness ! 'all our staff on the environment and good practices
- Empowering the various players in the company
- To guarantee working conditions that respect fundamental rights and ensure the safety and well-being of our employees,
  respect for work
- Promote the circular economy, through the reuse and recycling of scraps and waste.
- Communicate our commitment and environmental values to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  of our activities. Encourage them to contribute to these commitments
- To control our purchasing policy and establish a regular watch in order to be able to propose ecological alternatives to our customers.
- Maintain a process of continuous improvement and regular review